Email Marketing Software – Introducing INSPIREMAIL
by CapitenASA - April 29, 2021 at 12:02 PM
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Inspiremail Email Marketing Software
Email Marketing Software – Introducing INSPIREMAIL
Hey guys, My name is Reda El Kasraoui, you can call me REK as usual, many people told me that I wasn’t active in publishing new articles regarding new ways of making money online neither with email marketing nor anything else. Today, I’m introducing my first ever web application that I developed personally. a brand new Email Marketing Software exclusively in my personal blog with love.

Recently, I was so charged with plenty of business engagements with people and companies recently that didn’t give me the time and effort to be available to write in, and most of my time was working hard to develop a software that will represent my name in this business.

INSPIREMAIL – The Story and a dream come true:
Email Marketing Software

Honestly, developing a new Email Marketing Software that can bet other competitors such as (Interspire, Mailwizz, Mumara, …etc) was a dream come true, especially when you are too confident and motivated that you can reach your goal no matter what are the problems you have in your life, well, the rules are simple as this :





When it comes to getting inspired by what you love to do, in my case it’s email marketing and cost per model affiliate marketing, I haven’t found any suitable name, other than the name of “InspireMail“.

A tool that can change the way you use to do business in the email marketing industry, and i like to call it “the nuclear weapon of email marketing” including the integration of PowerMTA 4.5 as a professional mail transfer agent monitoring system.

Inspiremail – Biggest cons of using other email marketing softwares:
Inspiremail IT Management

In fact, With Inspiremail, You can Full Control of Your Mail Delivery performance.
The most common cons of using Mailwizz,  Mumara, Interspire, and others:

Slow Email Delivery.
Lack of Features and Control of your email campaigns.
Email Tracking (CPL/CPA Conversion Tracking).
Rotating and Control of their IP Addresses.
Painful 4 to 6 pages to send a single Email Campaign.
Limited External Integrations.
and much more…

Affiliate Marketers these days were mostly used Email traffic as their main traffic source.

Their biggest problem is to find suitable Email marketing software that can let them forget about all these technical issues and having all the tools necessary for sending to the inbox folders of ISPs.

Honestly, I tried to let them focus only on the digital marketing of a product, service or a third-party CPA/CPL Offers (Cost per Action Offers).

By developing this Email Marketing Software I tried to focus on what’s the mail headers and the body of a message represent, which you can positively and “legally” manipulating any email service provider like Microsoft outlook, OAuth (Also known as Yahoo and AOL), Gmail and GI Domains with the maximum ways possible and the minimum resources possible.

Inspiremail – Features & Tools:
Inspiremail Features

This part of this article was the most harder part to speak about, because of the Huge Features included in the current version of Inspiremail email marketing software, so I will try as much as I can to show a superficial overview of Inspiremail. Since I’m still considering it as a BETA VERSION still.

If I miss something here then I will love to know more from you guys by commenting on your questions and suggestions below this article and I will start coding right away.

Starting by:

User Permission and Privileges:
InspiremailAs an Inspiremail Administrator, I designed this role as an emailing firm owner or manager depends on your marketing strategy because this email marketing software is designed for personal use, non-profit use, and Entreprise use.

If you are an Inspiremail Administrator and you have your own team of email marketers and working as a team, you can manage the technical control panel and the emailer production panel.

In matter of fact, You have full control of the web application, managing and optimizing Databases.

You can check all your email marketers’s daily tasks, daily mailing drops.

At last but not least, you can also manage to assign every single resource to the email marketer of your chosen, when we say resources we are speaking about Cloud Instances, Dedicated Servers, and Virtual private servers. however, you can even assign each IP Address to each email marketer.

Assigning Affiliate networks, offers and presets mail headers globally and specifically to your email marketers is also an option.

However, Inspiremail emailer marketer account is another story. your email marketer may only manage his own work, anything more than his privilege he needs to ask his Team leader or IT Manager.

Inspiremail – How to Deploy an Email Campaign:
Inspiremail Email Marketing Software

Network & Offer Details
From this page, you can select an Affiliate Network that is linked already with your Inspiremail account to see a list of all scrapped Email Offers from the Network API.

However, By choosing a Vertical (Offer Category) like Insurance, Crypto, Leadgen, and others, you simply decided to build a new specific segmentation by working the LEGACY DATA automatically and this is another feature that I will explain it later.

Then, As you can see from the screenshot below, you can Encrypt your FROM and Subject Lines with a Quoted-Printable or Base64 encryption using UTF-7, UTF-8, UTF-16, UTF-32, and ASCII instantly.

Deploy Page Inspiremail

Sending IPs Details:
In this part of the deployment page, you can do as the following:

Selecting and Filtrating The IP Addresses that you want to send with, even if they are not coming from the same resource (Server).
Rotating the selected IPs by an Integer which you can set the number in the [Rotate IPs] Input text.
A Test Email coming in Real Time after an Integer reached which you can set it with the [TEST After] Input text.
Activating and Forcing a Message Encryption of the body by Selecting One.
Setting a Campaign Name if you wish to, as long as you don’t want it to be named by the offer name.
Deploy Page Inspiremail

Mail Headers Details:
Speaking of Mail Headers in this part of the page here’s what you can do:

Working with a presets mail headers by choosing them from Custom Headers, and there’s a possibility to modify the way you want.
The Message Header Details Section represents the variables between the brackets in the Custom Header Details section (Tags).
There are the options to choose between all known Content Types, Charsets, Content Dispositions, and Content Transfer Encodings.
Deploy Page Inspiremail

Mailing List Details:
In Fact, this part is clear but I will explain it to you in short.

Choosing your Mailing List By ISP (Such as Hotmail, Gmail, AOL, Yahoo, …etc)
You can choose the Interest Segmentation to get the most engaged subscribers based on their Interest (based on all your recent email performances).
Choose the country that you willing to send.
Select an Engaged Data based on all your recent performances.
Limiting your drop from an integer to another by determining the volume that you want to send.
Deploy Page Inspiremail

Message Body Details:
Last but not least, this is the part where you work on your body content (HTML), and here are the features included:

Selecting Between a regular HTML body, a Mapping HTML and a multipart Boundary (Text plain & HTML).
By Clicking the “Creative preview link” you will notice a modal popup showing a real-time preview of what you have inside the body.
Negative (None/Attached), this one is especially for Hotmail Email Marketers where you upload your Negative Code to increase the reputation of your body in Microsoft Outlook.
All the Tags that you see in the mailer’s body are the variables to track Clicks, Opens, Your Own Unsubscribes, and Offer Unsubscribes.
Tracking Leads & Conversions are included in the IT management section.
Deploy Page Inspiremail

and much more…

Inspiremail Email Marketing Software – API Integrations:
First thing First, When it comes to API Integrations, It’s a time saver.

Most of Affiliate Networks works with known affiliate tracking software like Hasoffers, Cake Platform, Hitpath, Everflow, and more.

Unlike any other Email Marketing Software where you have to add all the offer details one by one which makes a lot of emailers suffer, MailWizz is an example.

Even some Email Marketing firms hiring people to do this task manually and they call them Offer Managers.

Honestly, You won’t need to do that any more thanks to their application program interface (API).

Using Inspiremail, you can scrape all Live Offers details, Links and Suppression list files with a click of a button.

Those are the covered Affiliate Tracking software platforms that you can use in Inspiremail.

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Thank you so much for this awesome free share.
If you could also please add instructions how to install and host this software.


I have uploaded it to my linux server, imported sql file and ran but it is not working.
Hey how do you run this?

Can you tell how to install?

I am not sure if its even released yet or not?

Thanks man I am really looking forward to this :D
Hey bud, Any instruction on how to install it?
You need a php server and you should set the cron settings well. and your server's mail ports must be open. I have not tested the script, but there are 2 different concepts as full version and demo version. hopefully this is the full version.

Here is a video I found very easy installation but still need little more info I think.

(April 29, 2021 at 06:16 PM)master data Wrote: You need a php server and you should set the cron settings well. and your server's mail ports must be open. I have not tested the script, but there are 2 different concepts as full version and demo version. hopefully this is the full version.

I think the software should install cron jobs automatically...
Thanks man!

Great share.
how to install the software?
is this indian script? whats the difference of sendy?
Not heard of it before. This should be a new email sending program. Is it on beta testing or what?

These are some videos on installation, but seems not very clear:
Is this the full or demo version? Someone please tell me.. thanks
Someone can write the exact name of this bulk email script, does it look like Mailwizz from the screenshot?

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