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Edmodo Database - Leaked, Download!
by citadel - May 24, 2017 at 05:31 PM
WOW, so useful thank you
Thank you for posting this
Thanks for the database have a good day !
Nice Share..It will be cool if I have access to it..
(May 25, 2017 at 05:12 PM)theb3ard Wrote: Has anyone had luck decrypting these hashes? I've only gotten 10 or so out of 100k.

you can't decrypt hashes. hashes are a one-way function. you can only *crack* them via bruteforce attacks
thanks i really wanna see if im on here.
Thank you for sharing!!!!
thank you man really appreciate what you are doing
(May 24, 2017 at 05:31 PM)citadel Wrote: Good Afternoon All,
Here I have decide to share recent Edmodo leak with you.
I acquired it from a vendor on HANSA Marketplace.
The website is edmodo.com.

  • User Count (Unique):77,039,862
  • Format: "userid:email:username:password:salt".
  • Password Format: bcrypt with salt.
  • File Size: 5.5GB 7zip-Archive (12GB .txt)
  • Dump Date: May - 2017

1035130:[email protected]:Brandigirl:$826y4$31226$dObT2dfheN32bYe34Z0WcQcw2M4D1A8z7M7zfk62aM2ech9V0ebHbOU.QhHdLuy5PuR.M6yyA.ShVpC:b0a75985dfdb4e6d49663bccc1962672
1037731:[email protected]:ZaLvAdOr:$826y4$31226$dObG2FfheY3TbVeh4M0GcRcm2Z4j1V8m7N72fQ62aY2ecK910bbF/YiVKAAXx3k6QtTVTBunU9roa7a:00d3fccdebadbc730fb410572430d15b
1039596:[email protected]:cardedrawebster:$826y4$31226$dNbT2lfheM3zbIex4Z0WcMc52N4D1c8w7M7TfM63aN2ucM9T0Pb04cwFaeXu8U0Q549rK9PvtAR29Uu:35698d8244d9f269f1575b1ffc3b1686
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Seems good, i am looking forward on this database and see if i can get something out of it

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