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Easy way of getting someone's IP and adress using skype
Step 1. Get the person's Skype,then type it into . Then copy the ip it gives you. NOTE: If they have a VPN it wont work!

Step 2. Paste the IP you got into the search bar of then copy the info it gives you. (the co-ordinates that it gave you)

Step 3. Paste the co-ordinates you got into google maps then you got the person's address!

If this helped in any way please go and 420 noscope your nan Kappahd
This could of probably been posted on tutorials though.
But anyway, the co-ordinates it gives, are often kinda far off. I've never had anything that is even close to my address. Well I mean it's in the same city, sure, but usually pretty far off.
This isn't a very very good tutorial but i'd rate 6/10.
#4 is the best one.

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