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Easy / ip disclosure of the whatsapp user with the link preview function
The simple php code can reveal the version of ip and the application of the users of WhatsApp and save the information disclosed on the server of the attackers.

Step to reproduce:

1) Create the php file and the log file on the server: place below the code for the meta description of og:


2. Save this php file.

3. Open whatsapp and type this url of php files in whatsapp, when the preview of the generated link can see how they capture IP and at the same time this IP writes about the log file in the attack server.

Screenshot of WhatsApp of the preview of the link

[Image: 30741658_2041966632752894_54616709157124...e=5B574819]

[Image: 30741927_2041966826086208_57509144484642...e=5B6FAE2E]

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