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Easiest way to get a Stream Key/Hijack Streams?
Post 'em in the comments!  Cool
Getting in a call with the person and asking them to give it to you,

Actually the easiest way would be if you just joined a stream and asked in comments for it and they gave it to you no questions asked.
There is no real easy way of getting the Stream Key, it takes some work.

Have a team. Have a team. Have a team. Have a team. Shit is more organised, and you can have back up "twitch support" members for specialised jobs. i.e get one to record the entire thing, another to get all the stuff ready for when you got the stream key. I don't know much about 1 man raiders, but it is not easy.

Get in early, and have a convincing name. Getting in early means setting up for the raid, and getting in before all the Rftechponys get in and post "123" all over the place. You are less likely to get their skype if your name is "HitlerDidNothingWrong" or "911wasthebomb", something like "TwitchSupport_Kev" or "SupportTeam_Kev", just add a generic name on the end for uniqueness.

Sound professional, as if you know what you are talking about when in reality you are talking out of your arse. Be kind and patient, this is a must, Twitch support won't be shouting or rude, but like a call centre kind of person. Once you have him on skype, just say that one of the ways to calibrate how far the "system32 virus or whatever excuse you are using" has spread, they need to hand over the stream key so you can run some diagnostics tests, also tell them that these tests wont affect their streaming history/views. (See I almost sound like i know what im talking about when in reality, I know nothing.)

Kids are gullible, and sometimes very easy to dupe. Most kids who stream know they aren't meant to because they are under 13 years old. I've seen 9 year olds streaming and not having a clue what the fuck is going on. These kids are your easiest targets.

Teens are 50/50, sometimes you can really find a stupid teen with the mental capacity of a 8 year old script kiddie. (See Crimson Cooper Script Kiddie video on youtube) and you will be able to get the key, if they believe you. Although, you will come across some teens who will just play the raid out, DeadPuppie for one, he just places songrequest on and lets it play.

Adult are pretty hard to crack, I don't think i've ever seen a fully grown adult fall for it, most of them know whats up from the get go, and they just ban everyone.

Once you do have the stream key though, go nuts. Why not try to do something interesting wi-screw it you are just going to stream porn. oh well. KEK.
Yeah me and youredead, we just give people a ring on the phone if we get it, or skype call em. Sound like you know what you are doing and it works.

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