Earn 40 dollars to 2040 dollars
by Canadian_Enagic - January 31, 2021 at 02:52 AM
Enagic BizOpp - Get Wealthy by staying Healthy

Hi guys, my real name is Daniel. I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I have been working for myself for sometime and am currently a distributor of Kangen Water Machines. I started off with the same plan as everyone else, go to school get your degree and work until you are 65, retire and then live life...what's left of it anyway. Cry

I did exactly that, I obtained my Master's degree as a Counselor. I worked in construction to get myself through school as a plumber. Now I own my own plumbing & heating business, alongside a successful NGO that works for people who struggle with addictions and or mental illness. 

Sounds like I am set for life as an employee. however I don't want to trade time for money; if any of you have ever read Robert Kyosaki where he describes the CashFlow Quadrant, it made absolute sense. I got it!

I have worked with people who made minimum wage to other professional people in their careers that have a salary like I do. 

let me ask you this? Which is better in this comparison; 

John: works 40 hours a week and gets paid bi-weekly. His hourly rate is 20 bucks an hour so every two weeks he works 80 hours and gets 1,600.00 bucks on payday before deductions. John has 26 paydays in a year, so he makes $41,600.00 before taxes. 

Susan: sells water ionizing machines, does everything and anything! Knocks on doors, social media marketing, sends out flyers, cold calling, etc etc. she makes 3 sales a week for a year. If she focused on our flagship product and got the lowest commission which is $340.00. That would be $680.00 times 52 which is $53.040.00 for the year. 

Take away is, she would get more in less time and able to take her work wherever she goes, as long as she has an internet connection. 

If this system interests you, post a comment and get a hold of me through my social media or directly to my website 

Instagram: @Canadian_Enagic FB Page: @freedomfamenagic
website: 4799984.enagicweb.net

Daniel aka Canadian_Enagic

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