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EU vs memes.
What do you think about the EU banning memes etc.?
no difference, sites will just be hosted in countries that ignore it.
They aren't banning memes, and that fact in itself is a meme. What article 13 is about is making it so copyright holders have a tighter grip on their property. That sounds great but it's not. This means that reaction channels and meme channels on YouTube won't be able to create their TRANSFORMATIVE content. If any clip or excerpt or part of a copyrighted work is used in a much longer video (say, part of a compilation), the owner of said copyright will have the legal right to take all the revenue from whoever made a meme of it. In a way they're banning memes i guess, but it's nowhere near as bad as most people are making it out to be.

Tldr; it's bad, yeah, but not THAT bad.
We knew it couldn't go on forever. Life was too good.

rip pepe
I hate that they want to ban memes... meh, their decisions
even if the law should pass, i doubt it'll be enforceable.
(11-25-2018, 01:22 PM)Redoltake33 Wrote:  I hate that they want to ban memes... meh, their decisions

they do not, and they aren't


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