by Dennom - May 02, 2021 at 12:39 PM
Which of the three do you think is good to invest in?
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Dogecoin For The Win, DOGE WILL RISEEEE
Fuck dogecoin. Fuck Elon musk.
IMO, BCH is faster as an alternative
although i dont particularly like giving out investment advice and I think you should do your own investigation, ill tell you my opinion

short term: doge

why?: memes make the price go up & every time elon musk or some other influencer makes a social media post about dogecoin, the price surges by 15-30%. long term i feel like the meme will die out and people will realize that the coin is pretty pointless and not that good when you compare it to other cryptocurrencies

long term: eth

why?: eth 2.0 is coming soon. eth2 uses a proof-of-stake system which requires you to have 32 eth. while its already live on what they call the beacon chain, its not yet merged with the mainnet. once the beacon chain is merged, mining eth with a cpu/gpu will no longer be possible. this means miners that want to continue mining will have to purchase at least 32 ethereum to keep earning any. high demand = high price so in theory the price for eth should go up whenever it merges with the mainnet
ETH and the old classic BTC. Most people are still into BTC and will continue to be so until something major changes. ETH is good for security though.
All the hype is on Dogecoin right now but I honestly don't think it will last in the long run, we'll see though.

I'm a bit mad I sold all my Dogecoin a couple years ago. I figured, this coin will go absolutely nowhere. I was wrong.
ethereum for sure, way better use case and is not a meme coin

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