ESET or Kaspersky ? (Need suggestion)
by Xortan - September 24, 2020 at 04:49 PM
Should i install ESET Internet security or Kaspersky ISĀ on my new pc ? Many say that ESET has the best run-time protection and no AV can even come close to it ! But others say Kaspersky is better than ESET overall . I download torrents, visit shady/shitty websites etc., Which of these 2 AVs would give me the best protection ? Or is there any AV better than these 2 and light on system resources too ?
I would go with comodo, I used it in my day to day and it is actually pretty good and doesnt let anything unknown run in your endpoint.
@OP Both are great, but KAS is for PC with high hardwares, ESET is light, efficient, and great too .
I use Avast but considered to get ESET. Those I asked said Avast, so read about both of them and make your pick.
Maybe these test results help you to decide:
Thank u 4 d reply guys. I have decided to go with ESET for now Smile
Non of them just found comodo security the main reason is they both of them banned in some countries beacuse data colleting.

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