EMAIL:PASS BreachCompil 2020 ( More than 3.3 Billion )
by 1l34kFOrYoU - May 14, 2020 at 11:01 PM

I updated the old breach compil form 2017
This new version include more than 3.3 Billion unique email:pass ( some are hashed )

This compil the old breach form 2017 and  all collection 1 to 5 expect sql files ( most of collection are the same breach even the same files )

All login are stored in the data directory

Delivered with bash script you make your research by mail address or domain or import new breach screach by mail search by domain import files in the inputbreach directory need to be like this email:pass say you how many lines you have

I will add more tools if you want, extract search, search by ip or username
For now this contain only email:pass ( no user or ip )

Link :
Do you have a list of breaches these are compiled from?

I updated my theard
This work i use for myslef my "database"
I compil all the database i have in this you will don't have private database in this work

I made it to search a "target"
thank you so much my friend
Thank you 1l34kFOrYoU, very cool!
Quality thread, thanks. +++rep
Bad format :( we cannot choose our favorite target. I dont need 25Go DL.
But nice job, ty
Use the script,
All files are text files
That's just too much data O.o
(May 19, 2020 at 08:20 PM)crockett Wrote: That's just too much data O.o

All lines are uniques, i want update it every month
Tell me if you want other script to make sceach into it or extract data
Like extract all gmail adress or other

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