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by SOLENYA - June 03, 2018 at 06:55 PM
Enjoy a database of an educational website of books!

Entries: 22.810
Hash presence: Plain text + Hash 
Dump date: unknown
Topic: Education

[Image: Du280DU.png]

Download link: https://files.fm/f/hspvubjh
Stock up for life!
Now offering a MEGA COMBO BUNDLE - combination of 1800 [Part 1], 1800 [Part 2], huge anti-public bundle (4,5 GB compressed), + old 4850 database bundle, all for 99$!
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Off-the shop purchases are also available if you have other payment methods to offer

The 3600 collection: 
  • This is a combination of 1800 [part 1]  and 1800 [part 2] which I presented for sale recently
  • Databases are compressed and DEHASHED (they come with original hashed version) put separately in WinRar folders, many of them have additional information included like topic, etc, which makes working with them more organized and comfortable 
  • The collection comes with huge bonus bundle of anti-publics of different regions/countries and services (Yahoo, China, UK, USA, etc.) View
  • Another huge bonus, old collection of 4850 databases
  • A lot of business, finance, gaming and other "in-high-demand" databases
  • An affordable and competitive price , which will let you have a pretty good profit margin and will pay back very easily
  • NOTE: This bundle is completely different from my previous bundles I was selling, meaning that their contents don't match at all
  • View the list of contents here
XMPP: [email protected]
Discord: SOLENYA#4958

Follow the link below in case you want to see my feedbacks and my good seller/buyer experience ✔️

(June 03, 2018 at 06:55 PM)SOLENYA Wrote: thread

Hi man, sorry to bother you here but can you check discord? RF limits the amount of PM I can send so I can't contact you since few hours, if you can accept my friend request on discord so we can talk
Great post dear. Its really very helpful for everyone. Thank you for sharing. Waiting for your next thread
Hi! I think your service is very useful for students. I am a student and a writer on Essayyoda and your database very helpful for me. I found a lot of books that helped me with essays about medicine, math, foreign language. Thanks for your work!

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