E-Whoring guide Instagram
by SEToolkit4lyfe - May 30, 2019 at 03:16 PM
A decent way to wallet-rape people on instagram.


1. Create a catfish instagram using pictures of an erotic model, less known would be ideal. She needs to have naked pics and suggestive pictures. Use a fake name, make the bio seem legitimate and have 18 in the bio to attract maximum amount of pervs. Post normal and suggestive pictures on your feed with believable captions and fake locations tagged. Use a lower quality picture that looks like a selfie as the profile pic, no hq modeling shoot shit. (Account needs to be public)

2. Start following hot celebrities that post promiscuous content i.e ass pics in bikini and so on, the more famous the better. Start following random people female and male so that they follow back and like your pics to make your page look legitimate. Scroll through your feed and copy paste spam a text like "Ommgg gorgeous pic, wish i had that dress Heart" on every single pic. (Do this daily and grow a following in no time)

3. Exploit, there are several methods to fuck peoples wallets at this point. Method 1: You get a text like "Hey baby", respond with a neutral but playful text like "HiiHeart" start talking to them and respond to their questions with "*answer* and you?", once you've built up enough rapport to make yourself seem like a genuine account and they think that you care about them or that they have a chance at hitting it, tell them a sob story like "ohh i lost my *small but important item* today, im so upset. I wish i could buy another one but i just don't have the cash right now, oh well. :(", don't make it obvious that you're basically asking them for cash, make it seem like you're just talking about it. When and if they offer to pay for it (this should be a small sum) react really appreciative and send them a slightly suggestive pic of you, keep escalating this with sums of higher and higher cash and make them your personal paypig. Method 2: Someone sends you a dick pic, if they have their face in it screenshot the chat and their following and follower list and demand a ransom of 50$~100$ in amazon gift cards or you send the pic to their relatives and friends. If they don't have their face in it, tell them that they have the biggest cock you've ever seen and that your wet at the thought of him masturbating to you and that seeing someones cum face is your kink of some shit like that. When they send you the vid follow the same steps but demand a higher ransom. Really get under their skin telling them about how you're gonna ruin their lives. Method 3. Ask people who you've talked to in chats (people form method 1) about your hobby of nude images and how you've sold some to some guys you knew in the past and how you're shy about it, when they ask to see them you say "ok, because its you ill give a discount" 3$ per pic is good, make them feel like they're special and seeing something their not supposed to see.

Comment more methods that have worked for youWink
Thanks man but no method have worked for me .earned nothing so far

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