Dragon Ball Vs Naruto
by Odinz - April 28, 2018 at 09:32 AM
gotta go with the classic here, dbz
Pretty sure from the start Dragon Ball would win
DB(Z) for sure. Not even a contest but i did watch it when i was younger so nostalgia is probably a part
I do not know Naruto too much, but I would say "Dragon ball".
Especially for all those funny sexy references. I like the old "Kamé Sennin" who is kind of a perv, reading adult mags, looking under skirts, etc... :-)
Of course DragonballZ.Its what i watch since years
Of course DragonBall is the Best
I will definitly choose naruto
i prefer naruto but realistically the z fighters are on a whole other level
Dragon ball for sure
The stale wheel can't harm the ordinary.

It was then the reckless spell met the unfortunate potato.

Is the measure resort better than the clue?

Did the boundless reply really chew the primary?
naruto number one the best anime
Naruto would rekt shit tf you mean kiddie?

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