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Doxing question
Whats the best website for doxing?
There is not a best one. You have to utilize all kinds of free services. I'm not sure on the policy of this forum, but just start googling "People Search" and put someones name in the results and see what information you can gain for free. Then compile a large list.
doxing requires stalking and weaponised autism, think of how you would look for something specific given very minimal information

like when looking up someone just by name you may want to check through social media networks and other shit (even really small level shit) just to get some initial specks of data and work your way up

kind of accumulate your dox and if you can hack anything of theirs do it just to raid it for possible extra information

social engineering also kind of helpful in this process
There is not really one website, as stated above. But I can list some good people search engines and reverse phone number search sites. Whitepages, spokeo as far as the number searches I personally like ThatsThem.
As previously mentioned, you should use everything that's available. Every kind of website usually have some what unique data.

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