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Doxing Tutorial And How not to get Dox'd
Hey guys today I will be helping some of you clueless little babes on some doxing.
Before we begin I'd like to go over the basics.
(This is for educational purposes and I do not have anything to do with what you use it for)

What is Doxing:

Doxing is getting the personal information of someone online, often used maliciously to blackmail other people to get what they desire IE: Money, in game points etc
Doxing can be used as good as well. IE: Security checking, tipping law authorities etc.
Doxing can be difficult at times but easy at other times, sometimes it may seem that someone is simply "Undoxable" But we both know that isn't the case.
If they're connected to the internet they're doxable in some way shape or form doesn't matter how you put it. I know some of you may be thinking
that Doxing is a hacking tool. Wrong. Doxing is more of a art than anything, perfected right you can have a powerful weapon to protect yourself,
or do whatever you want to do with it now, rant aside lets get to the Doxing.

Skype Resolvers:
Mmm The big one. Many people who don't know much about Doxing use skype resolvers to get an IP and use GEO-IP to find approximately where they live. This is efficient at times but could be better. I will explain more in depth later in this tutorial. If you want someones name, then this probably isn't the route you want to go as you only get their approximate location not the exact so you can't get any more information than that. There is also a chance that the information is wrong and you just have a random area.
Skype resolvers are good for helping your security though, to see if any info about your near location is on your IP address.

This one is important because it's whether or not you get the right IP from skype or not. API's are basically skipping through VPNS and proxies to get their real IP. However there are many ways to make sure a API doesn't get your correct IP (will explain later) but most people haven't set it up correctly. API's aren't hard to get most of the time, you can use for example Predator API (Can also use skype bots, see next line of text)

Skype Bots:
Often confused as the same as skype resolvers skype bots are, well, skype bots. There are a lot of skype bots currently and they have some cool features. Skype bots follow your commands and if you try to resolve someones skype with their bot it checks through some API's to check through and see through proxies/vpns to make sure it's the right IP. However, if no real IP address is given, the IP address will be the VPN. There are also tons of other features such as GEO IP and much more. It all depends on the bot you are using. I'm not going to get into more depth on this as it is self explanatory on what this can do.

I know what you may be thinking "GOOGLE? Why is that on a doxing tutorial, I mean google is terrible right?" In some cases google can be the deciding point on whether you get the dox or not. If you use the google language right (and, or) you can get a dox. However if used incorrectly nothing will show up just a lot of spam of information you don't want. So for example if I was looking for a unique name or ingame name such as Potatokinglover69 and he was playing GMOD I would search "Potatokinglover69 and GMOD" The word "And" for google puts the two words together searching for that. If you search for just Potatokinglover69 GMOD it'll search for both, and most likely all will show up is GMOD. The other word is "Or" which searches Potatokinglover69 OR gmod, either way you'll get what you want.

White Pages/Other services such as pipl:
White pages/pipl is a great way for doxing, probably one of my favorite methods. If you have their name, and approximate location you can get some finds really easy, like facebook. From there it's easy sailing. I recommend pipl if you want their facebook, as I have tried to find mine with White pages, but no results. However, I usually use whitepages for phone numbers. Yes, phone numbers. Phone tracing isn't hard to do, you just put their phone number in the area, and you can get where they live, who they live with, etc. This is definitely one of the deciding points on getting someone's dox if you're already partly done (have name and number)

Social Engineering:
Ah yes, the big SE. Social engineering could be used for doxing as well. If you have used their GEOIP with skypebots/resolvers and got their real IP you can call up their internet service provider and get their  location if you talk correctly. You can also find a lot of other personal information on them such as but not limited to names, phone numbers, and even addresses. Social engineering could be difficult with certain providers but done correctly it is a fearsome tool that is frequently used.

IP loggers. Yes. You can get a ip logger such as blaze, and you can use tinyurl to compress it to make the blaze name go away. This way you can do it in secret. An IP logger is a link that someone presses, they are redirected to whatever site you want IE: Google. The IP is then sent to you and you will have their real IP if they are not using a vpn. This is not a preferable method if your target is someone who knows his way around doxing pretty well, as they are not in a rush to click random people's links whenever they want.


This area is for how not to get dox'd Smile.

You've heard this a lot. "Get a VPN, use a proxy" but are you someone who doesn't even know what that means? Well, a VPN is a program you use to basically make your IP appear different online essentially. There are many different VPN's to use, some are free, some are not. One more popular one is Cyberghost. Now, you may be wondering "Should I trust a VPN to not log my IP/sites visited/Data?" Well, as long as you're not doing anything illegal you're fine. Most VPN's say that they don't log IP's or Sites, but in reality they will sell your Data out to the FBI/POLICE if you are caught doing any illegal acts. Some VPNS are safe, there are a couple ways to prevent your data being stolen ( I do not take any responsibility for what you use this for as I am doing this for education purposes only ). There are a couple VPNS that don't such as NVPN and more notably PIA (Private internet access) If you want a reliable VPN I recommend PIA. Another way is to MAKE a vpn. Not buy. If you buy a VPN then the data center you bought it from can still get your data. Anyways, onto the how to use a VPN correctly. When you signup for things such as skype, they usually LOG your IP address. Make sure you have a VPN on at this time, and if you're using things like skype, have it on for about 10 hours as it will think it's your real IP and log it as such making API's worthless. After doing this you should log out of skype and log back in with different VPN IP's so it overloads the resolvers making your IP "Not findable".

This is a big one that most people know, but I thought I'd throw it in here for those that don't. Aliases play a big part on whether or not you are doxed. If you use your real name for anything online it is logged. Facebook, anything. So when online make sure to use a different name and different age for everything you do to assure that you aren't doxed. Never give out your real identity online as someone could be trying to Social Engineer you to try to blackmail you.

Covering your Tracks:
Most sites like whitepages will take down their info if requested. Also, you can google yourself to see if your alias is caught etc. You can also hire a team to cover your tracks and delete all info related to your alias. As this is a good idea, it doesn't delete everything, only things that normal people don't know could be taken down. Covering tracks is an art at times, if you really need to hide yourself I recommend hiring a team as it will help when the time is needed.

Social Media:
Most information about doxes come from Social media. When making a facebook, twitter, or even a reddit make sure you're using mostly false info, other wise it could eventually go to your demise when some random dick finds out where you live and sends pizza (Kappa) anyways, if you want to prevent one of the easiest ways to get your info, you should make your real info inaccessible or don't use your last name on Facebook. (this will not work if you have family members set and they have their last name as your real last name)

This is all I have right now, if you have any more info post in comments and I'll add it to the post. Or if I messed up somewhere. If I helped you send some rep, thanks Smile
This tutorial is very helpful! Thanks!
This tutorial makes me happy, very detailed, thanks a lot.

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