Don't use VPN services
by MrBr - November 19, 2019 at 11:04 AM
Couldn't agree with you more. Also, use TOR!
thanks for the info friend
VPN's are useful but it depends why you're using them
say I use it to access services that are not available in my country
but if you're using VPN for being 'anonymous' - sad news, it's not gonna work and in fact nothing's gonna work lol
What about Tor over VPN? Is that safe? Or Tor over VPN over VM over VM?)))
This whole entire thing looks like clickbait. You post facts that anyone can google but do so in a senstaionalized way. Please do use a VPN unless you know what the fuck you are doing. Better to be safe than stupid
Nice thread i liked it bro
vary biased and minimal explanation of vpns but ok
The truth purpose of VPN is just making business for you to pay monthly bill  Biggrin

Its depend on your purpose what kind of use u want to get from VPN... Lightbulb
Go through a vpn and a vps then. Using home ip is generally a bad idea for anything. You can make a best effort to lock down the vps
So I should steal my neighbor's internet?
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yes its sound like its really unsecure but for basic needs it works

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