Don Juji's Fresh Dumps Pack 2 | 114 Dumps | 3.6 Million+ Lines | November 2019
by DonJuji - November 15, 2019 at 01:49 PM
Again, this is fantastic. DO you have a good colleciton of AU / NZ DBs?
Great share. Thank you DJ.
i msged you about some dbs im after ( rs related )
Hey, thanks!

I was wondering, what is the table structure of these files?
juji probably the goat of right now
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thanks, nice share, i'll check this out later
damn, this is pretty damn cool ig. i wonder how he finds these, lmao
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Couple DB's are interesting. You should keep posting dump packs more often.
Thanks for sharing. Great work! Thanks for sharing this.
I looked through this and the data is pretty good ngl.
download link didnt work for me for some reason weird?
Link is down. Please PM me new link so I can update and re-instate your thread.

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