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Docwho777 introduction
why I am here? I love trolling and having a team would be great 

About me? Well I'm 14 I like some good CLEAN fun 

Skills?  Well I'm a quick learner if your clan needs something specific and I don't already know it I can learn it I'm good at helping people remove the system 32 virus 

I don't appreciate too much profanity a little now and then is fine but hearing it every other sentence is just annoying and people like that deserve to be trolled

I can convince people to do things. Easily like get the stream key  and I can record and kind of edit but that's about it look forward to meeting you people
Welcome @Docwho777 To Raid Forums...
Make sure to read the rules and have fun.

Welcome to the forums! Can't wait to see you in the raids! Hope you enjoy your stay with us and enjoy the raids! Smile

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