Dobby x Dumbledore
It was one year after Dobby had become a free elf. Dobby was wandering around the Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry as usual, when he had a surprising encounter. Someone had come from the hallway he was walking towards. It was Albus Dumbledore, headmaster of Hogwarts! "Why hello Dobby", said Dumbledore, seemingly not surprised by seeing an Elf wandering the school at night. "A-Albus Dumbledore!" said Dobby, very surprised by seeing Dumbledore at these hours of the night. "Come with me Dobby, I have to show you something" said Dumbledore, motioning him to come with him. Dobby was following Dumbledore through the halls, when Dumbledore asked him a question. "Are you a virgin?" Said Dumbledore. "Y-Yes.." Said Dobby. They didn't talk again until they were inside the Headmaster's office. Dobby sat down on the floor, then out of no where, Dumbledore started to undress, revealing his 11 inch hard cock. Dobby couldn't say anything, as he was too surprised to. "What are you waiting for Dobby? Undress!" ordered Dumbledore. Dobby began to undress, when he realized his 4 inch cock was diamonds. "Now Dobby, suck my cock" said Dumbledore. "W-What!?" yelled Dobby, very surprised by this sudden approach. "If you don't, you will be given severe punishment" said Dumbledore. Dobby had no choice but to suck the old, large cock in front of him. He began sucking it, getting more passionate about it as time went on. "Dobby, I'm going to cum" said Dumbledore, barely able to form that sentence because of the immense pleasure. Then, Dumbledore came into Dobby's mouth, flooding his mouth and throat with semen. His mouth let go of the cock, and semen was pouring from his mouth. Then, Dumbledore casted a spell that made Dobby pass out.
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