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Do you think Syria attack will lead to WW3?
Unless the Donald actually does his job and nukes the bitches before it escalates, then yes, we'll all die.
nahhh man not a chance
will start usa and north korea very soon.
i dont think so, trump is just doing his job
saw DT has many MOABs to drop
don't think anything in this sad story will lead to WWIII. Hopefully, UN and other countries are "mature" enough to prevent this.
Even though trump and putin don't help, others are more intelligent than that
I dont think Syria will kick of WW3, North Korea is much more likely.
korea is such a difficult country to deal with... kim will kill all of us :/
Don't think so, but Putin can start a huge local conflict
We're already in WWIII, just people don't really know it. World Wars aren't about armies and tanks and trenches anymore, it's everything else and mostly behind the scenes. I guess you could view it as the calm before the storm, but at the end of the day we've been in WWIII for the past years.
What happens after ISIS is defeated. The US won't just stop bombing places. But it seams that the US is headed to NK.
It surely can happen but i don't think that it will happen soon.

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