Do you prefer Discord or Teamspeak?
by Marcelo - January 25, 2020 at 03:11 PM
Do you prefer Discord or Teamspeak?
I actively use both, If I had to choose one It would probably be discord, but I love teamspeak, it is great for large communities and has an extensive permission system. my favorite part is probably the addon RP Soundboard
discord is more customizable and provide much more features
If I have to choose, Discord. They have a better looking interface, and you can use it through your web browser, which might not matter to most people, but I like to limit the number of programs on my computer so it's less cluttered/runs faster.
I always preferred Discord. Teamspeak reminded me of being in 2005
Discord always. Most people use it, so, why go different?
i like teamspeak but discord is better to me, teamspeak's UI is kinda weird for me to look at, and most of my friends use discord anyway
I preffer discord ,its mainstream but i like it
Discord without a shadow of a doubt.
Discord is better, i don't like teamspeak.
I'd use discord since everyone is there now.
discord is my personal favourite

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