Do you prefer Discord or Teamspeak?
by Marcelo - 04-22-2019, 08:03 PM
Which do you prefer?
(04-22-2019, 08:03 PM)Marcelo Wrote: Which do you prefer?

Discord, Period.
It is free, more current and (honestly as a gamer) much cooler than teamspeak by any means.
Teamspeak's site claims that discord isn't spam free - they are wrong. You can setup spam protection with various great bots.
The only thing that may be better in teamspeak is that you can host your own server. In discord you can practically "host" your own server (even though it's physically on discord's server) but it costs much more and is very irritating for the unexpirienced.
Discord nitro has a much better return on the investment - you get more than $10,000(!) of games.
Teamspeak.....CORRRRR that takes me back.

Still, prefer Discord
discord, for me it has worked perfectly. and you can use it on your phone while afk
Teamspeak, I feel like it's more professional and just looks better
Teamspeak for me is a much better choice. I dont love discord!
Discord. The popular choice. Cant go wrong with that
i prefer discord because its easy to use and have text channels
Discord for sure. Just got more use for it, multipurpose and all that.
Have to say Discord on this one, no question
I prefer discord .
I prefer discord! I think its easier to config and organiza the channel.

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