Do you guys vote?
by Ataraxy - 11-24-2018, 09:47 PM
Some of you might not be old enough but for those who are do you vote yes/no? I'm curious.
No i do not vote

enjoy this feedback.
yes of course I vote, but I would urge people here not to vote because most people here are retarded
Sure voting is always important. But even more important is to know whom to vote.
exactly democracy is quite stupid and the vast brainwashed majority shouldnt vote aswell.
(11-24-2018, 09:47 PM)Ataraxy Wrote: Some of you might not be old enough but for those who are do you vote yes/no? I'm curious.

You can bet your ass that I vote, to rid the world of fuckin' Republicans who have lost their friggin' marbles ever since Richard Nixon. He was the last half way decent one, the rest, up till today are shit. Only three of them do, or did, I respect, John McCain (a real hero, unlike the other mother fuckers), Lindsey Graham & Susan Collins. They are at least normal human beings, the rest are fuckin' aliens from another planet. Democrats have no balls when it comes to fighting these creeps from outer space & they keep letting shit heads from TV & Movies get elected to run things. Reagan was a cunt who hated poor people & pissed me off enough to start voting when governor of California. The best thing about him was, dying while pissing & shitting in his depends, while drooling in his oatmeal. Good riddance. I hope Trump ends up just like him.

(12-11-2018, 08:42 PM)BoringApe Wrote: yes of course I vote, but I would urge people here not to vote because most people here are retarded
That is why they elect retards to the Republican party. If your a member of the NRA, KKK, anti government gun nut hiding out in Montana, Idaho, North Dakota or Arizona, or just some hillbilly from the deep south who fucks their sister or cousin, you belong to the Republicans. Especially if your an ear banging, right wing-nut, religious moron, who is a Mormon, Evangelical or Southern Baptist, you are a Republican & the party kisses your fat ass, while laughing behind your back at how stupid you are. So, if you fit in there, join the party. Me, I want nothing more than to rid this country of them all. Fucking Donald Dump wants a wall, but does not give two shits about you if your making less than $50,000 a year or your poor & homeless. With him, your fucked. His next wall will be to fence in the poor & homeless & force them to work for a roof over their heads, a loaf of bread & a bowl of beans. Sort of what Hitler did with the Jews, without building ovens, he will hang them for not working, saves money on gas or bullets. If they are in wheelchairs, like Reagan said, they can stick out their tongue & lick a stamp & he will have the post office make stamps again with glue, just for them. I know this will piss off someone, so boo hoo to you. Join the club ! lol !!
Reagan was hypocritical, he own family depended on the welfare given by Roosevelt's administration. He thought people who lived in destitute was their own making. Sure there are cases, but to think everybody wants to live poor with so little is obviously wrong.
Not exactly, nope. Just simply don't care to.
i personally dont vote but a lot of people do
The current vote is a one-sided democracy
[quote =“lishuai”pid ='697338'dateline ='1560829991']
there is nobody who for whom i want vote every time in my country so i don`t vote any more .

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