Do you guys use tor/vpsn/proxies etc to browse RF and similar sites?
by redXXX - June 10, 2020 at 07:29 AM
All the replies damn! haha thanks yall.

I keep wondering if RF would block my account if used via TOR a lot(multiple ip logins at a current time).
try using an RDP with a stable VPN - IP/ proxy
linux+vpn+tor. For everything possible. No such thing as too safe
(June 10, 2020 at 07:29 AM)redXXX Wrote: I've been pretty active lately here and few others forums(mostly here) I am wondering if its safe to browse from my regular ISP ip or should I use TOR and browse all hacking etc sites from there?

I am not interested in hacking, cracking etc as such, I am interested in the databases. mostly the emails addresses only and not passwords(since I am a email marketer).

Should I worry about getting my ass caught for something like this?

Does the average RF user use anything to protect their identity when browsing such sites?

So, I use a VPN or tor (or both) for absolutely anything. I'm a tinfoil hat kind of person that doesn't believe my ISP should see anything ever (I pay them for a service, they provide internet, end of story, but that's not real). But, there is absolutely nothing wrong with downloading leaked databases. Once this info is public, it is public. I'm sure there might be a list somewhere you're name might go on, but removing my tinfoil hat, it's not a crime to possess databreaches.
I have noticed a problem downloading from this site though, is that RF matches an IP to your profile. So I downloaded some leaks one day while on tor, and when I returned later to download I couldn't because of course my IP was different. My solution is a VPN in which I can choose a specific server for that purpose. Or just wait a week.
No. Why should i use? I think it's safe here.
definitely use tor or VPN. I don't trust RF to keep my IP safe if taken over by the feds. I don't trust the VPN either but at least this provides some protection.

and yes, if your IP changes to often then you can't download a DB for a while. It's a little annoying but I understand why they do it.
i use a vpn because i trust vpn companies more than i trust my isp. pretty low bar though
that's true, how do you use a vpn or tor, while also abiding by the rules of this site, i suppose you could somehow make an exception but that seems to defeat the purpose
If your doing legal things your fine lol. Just stay on the legal side and you don't need a VPN or tor. If your going to do something illegal, don't get raid forums wrapped up in it and ruin this site for the rest of us.
It depends on your location though. If you have nothing to hide, then why hide?
(September 30, 2020 at 03:02 PM)19689p Wrote: It depends on your location though. If you have nothing to hide, then why hide?

I have db's from here... 
I am not a hacker not interested in being one haha

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