Do you believe in an afterlife?
by moot - March 08, 2021 at 10:50 PM
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yes I believe. even more than myself .. this is the only thought that keeps me from doing evil .. this is a thought that benefits other people people .. otherwise i have enough equipment to be a good killer. a good thief or cheater .. or terrorist .. the reason if I am not doing this; It is my belief in the sublime being that runs my brain with 0.001 volts of electricity. I believe he sees me when no one sees me.
and he proves himself the life after he died .. I feel hungry in my sleep, I am happy in my sleep. i live a different life in my sleep I have a chance to do whatever I want. I just need to think for it to happen. But my body is dead in my bed .. How?
Then he says; I will witness his hands and other organs. I'm asking how? Hand permission, iris permission, DNA, speaking, writing, etc. nothing is the same with another person ..
He says again .. we record everything you have experienced .. so how and where? where is this human hard drive, where is the cloud server? Where are your memories recorded? Is it the brain? no .. it's just a processor and the Ram… the storage center hasn't been found by scientists yet. Even the human could not find anything other than what he created in the world .. even the computer system we use .. everything is biomimetry .. that is, an imitation of what exists. but in his system everything is unique. and is done without an example. Snowflake, sand on the beach, or a human. nothing is the same. each object and living thing is different from the other ..

Are you saying to disappear ..? let's destroy something you see .. you can't do that. however, you can change the shape or form. You cannot destroy anything .. but you think yourself will disappear .. because nothing in the universe is destroyed. it just changes shape. human is included in this.

if I tell you O people .. someday the sun's magnetic field will be exhausted and the whole galaxy and the earth will be swallowed up by the sun .. because no acceleration is forever. the power of everything ends .. This is the law of physics. you were saying hell ..? You watch hell every morning .. and you say good morning Smile
So don't you believe you haven't seen? You were a vitamin in an apple. then your father ate that apple. you became sperm. then a piece of meat in the mother's womb. you were born later .. You did not know yourself until the age of 6, but you learned. which stage do you remember? To win the contest among millions of sperm, Smile Well, with meiosis, two divisions were formed. If you had a deviation of 1,000,000,000,000 / 1. you would have your tongue in your belly. you would have your feet on your head.
how little you think

Well, can you survive if you leave your control to you for 1 day?
your heart must beat, you must breathe, your eyes must be blinked. I am not counting other operations. sight hearing etc

exit autopilot and repeat.

breathe, exhale, breathe heart.
breathe, exhale, breathe heart.
breathe, exhale, breathe heart. blink your eye

breathe, exhale, breathe heart.
breathe, exhale, breathe heart.
breathe, exhale, breathe heart. blink your eye

Is 1 minute boring to you ..

how little you think

Millions of lines of code have been written in a DNA chain .. you believe even this website is a webmaster and administrator. but this perfect universe happened as a coincidence?

8,5 square feet of length. 1 inch of your face .. two arms length, you have height. the size of your nose is the size of your thumb, you have a fist-sized heart. Did you design yourself? Smile
Nope! humans die and they rot and that's it. don't fool yourself with all those religious nonsense
(March 08, 2021 at 10:50 PM)moot Wrote: This is a highly debated subject, personally I’m on the edge when it comes to Religions and After Lives, because it all just seems like a gateway to pedophilia... when we die it’s likely that we just die, sad.

It's all bs. Some fag just can't bear the thought of unanswered question and decide "ah yes there's a higher entity" without using logic in the first place.
Just do what you love and don't be douchebag and your life will be a heaven.
No, although it would have been nice if there was an afterlife.
Nope, we die, our turn is over. gg.
I doubt it but ultimately it doesn't really matter what you think. I wouldn't worry about it.
No, I don't believe in afterlife. It's for weak minded people.
I do believe we come back to this earth, one way or another...
Nope, death is death. We turn into fertilizer.

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