Do you believe in aliens?
by stariys - 01-18-2019, 06:42 PM
Hi everyone, I'm new in the forum
Watched an alien get tongue punched in the fartbox once, not something you can unsee.
hell yeah aliens do exist in 200 billion stars univers the chance is huge
but can they travel to our planet probably not
unless there is portals connecting each galaxy
They exist, just not in the form we expect them to. More like microbes.
Ofc i do believe. We can't be alone in this huge galaxy.
I think there are billions of aliens just none that are close to us.
Yes, I do believe in the aliens .
Thinking we could possibly be alone in these hundred billion galaxies each containing hundreds of billions of stars would be ridiculous...
Of course. I think the world is big enough for life to exist on another planet.
It is certainly plausible that aliens exist. We can't be for sure though.

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