Do you believe in aliens?
by stariys - 01-18-2019, 06:42 PM
(01-19-2019, 11:07 PM)MI4 Wrote: What if we are aliens? and nobody believes us?
 Son, I look at this site everyday & I'm positive there are fuckin' aliens visiting Raid Forum, mostly those that are skipping school & are in the 4th grade. They hide in their bedrooms while mommy & daddy are working, watching porn, smoking a joint & playing with themselves. How much more alien can you get than that ?  lol !!! If you agree, hit LIKE on Facebook.
The universe is practically infinite, but the chances of life occurring are really minuscule.
na they dont exist unless u live in africa
I believe its perfectly possible that aliens do exist. At the same time, the might be so far away that we'll never find out. A thing that actually bothers me a lot.
Im personnally no. But who knows... ?? :D
There are chances that aliens exists. The universe is huge. Probably we're not the only sentient beings in the world
I'm an alien, so now you can say "aliens exist".
Have you ever seen X-files?
Yes, and they are among us: [Image: destaque_face_tarsio.jpg]
There's stuff out there for sure, I do not think that we've been visited by intelligent life though.
100%. There is no way in hell we are alone in this universe
well universe is too big...
and we find life at places we
would never had imagined.
considering the fact that our solar system is not that
yeah why not....
Not particularly but I'd like to believe there has got to be something alive out there other than us. Might be interesting.

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