Discrimination ?
by tedyBear21 - June 10, 2020 at 12:37 PM
What do you think of the tragic death of George Floyd and the outcome from this whole thing ... Huh
Blown out of proportion
Frustration with everything it seems
Sad AF man.
This racism needs to stop! My whole town was fucked up by this story.
A shock to the system. Society has been ringing the alarm bells of racism for ages, most people just kept hitting the snooze.
How many instances like these were not filmed on cameras for all of society to view and actually agree about? Makes me cringe.
Its time for the things to change,this can't last forever,I hope that there will be change after all this noice around the racism
It was a movement desperately waiting to happen, regardless of which spiky fence you sit on
It's a fucking shitshow but it's obvious it was going to happen. Obvious to anyone not living in a fucking dream world anyway.
Destroyers and Looters 2020 is a hit movie.
(June 11, 2020 at 01:07 PM)Fetisha Wrote: Destroyers and Looters 2020 is a hit movie.

The greatest civic changes made for equality and betterment for society have always been after a riot or something kicking off.
entire timeline of this tragedy is very unfortunate. his death and looting across the town. very unfortunate

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