Discord Raid Client
by VirtualSama - June 29, 2018 at 02:37 PM
Targo v0.4b allows you to destroy servers in a matter of seconds. 

Targo's Various Panels
  • Channel Tools - Modify server channels w/ general functions
  • DM Tools - Send a DM to all of the members in a Server / Channel
  • Invite Tools - Craft a invite with limited uses / availability time
  • Bot Settings - Change bot status (Name, Game, Invisible or Online)
  • Users - View users in server / Give Roles / View User info 
  • Roles - View server roles / Delete all roles / Edit @everyone to admin perms (wreck havoc upon server)
  • Bans - View server bans / Remove all bans
  • Messages - View messages from servers your bot is a member of / View edits
  • Help - View information on how to get bot into server.

Main Form 
[Image: 0b665c351c387e1789f4f26028db8b8b.png]

Channel Tools
[Image: 0dfb485a9dbcb382876901ce47916ce6.png]

Dm Tools
[Image: fa3356823fe2ec56c07656771d1f9e84.png]

Message Log
[Image: 906fcb80729f3d5e71ca8f17fee0f97d.png]

Role Info
[Image: 5c553fbdf75d0bfc84df37eb80c9632f.png]

Gif from old version
[Image: biglarryhack1.gif]

Download link

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this software is free and you are making me pay 8 credits no thanks

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