Discord Raid
by Ydanna - 04-05-2018, 01:51 PM

Kids fighting over virtual wars. There's three particular people. One is Blossom that cries over Sunday War Of Emperium schedule not being catered enough for him. Any changes becomes a cesspool of tears like some entitled child screaming over not getting their ways.

The second individual is Styx who claims to be the best player but is so miserably bad at the game that nobody wants to party him. 

The third one may hold your interest for a little bit. Her pen name is Berry. She gets rustled with the word grape. Why Grape? She really thinks that if you take the G away from Grape, you get Rape. So in her beliefs a "Grape" really means rape to her. She's negative and obnoxious towards everything, too.

If you don't believe me then look at the amount of salt she spits when openly reporting a player on the forums by the name of "Graped in The Grass". That's a real thing that happened. You can view it when logging into the board.

Feel free to spam "I got Graped hard today" to internal shake her feathers. Or just spam her friendlist notification with Grape puns!
wtf just did i read now

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