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Developer Log
So MyBB Updated to 1.8.5
So we have upgraded the forum but shoutbox needs a little fix with this new MyBB version so just give us a couple of hours and it should be back up.
1.8.5 Is a security upgrade. You can see the details here:
Shoutbox is pretty stable at the moment, Iploggers and XSS has all been fixed.
Some commands added on shoutbox have been added, just type /help on the shoutbox.

Just Released SessionManager:
- Look at people logged into your account and log them out if you want. Just Released...
Shoutbox Changes:
Staff Tab added for Staff members, talk here about banning users and ask for higher ranks to help you (Staff Only)

Profile Changes:
Changed order of tabs on the left, many people had first tab empty so I put Activity as first tab and changed up the order.
Added users UIDs on their profiles above time of registration.
Got new default badges for ranks.

Reputation Page Changes:
Now you can actually read the messages people leave, before the background color would make the text color fade and you could not see, now it is much better.

Donation Changes:
Now you can finally donate with BitCoin in the donations thread and retrieve your rank.
Changed some perks on the donations page.
Just an update on the shoutbox...
We had a 1GB Disk Quota for the shoutbox logs and database, so the shoutbox was down for a couple of hours.
It should be better now Since we now have 3GB Disk Quota and I will be upgrading as we need it.
Another huge update on shoutbox...
As you may have noticed before we did not host our shoutbox server on our servers, meaning it was not protected against DDoS Attacks!
This meaning skids would keep DDoSing our shoutbox and bragging via twitter such NewFag ...
Anyways so to fix this I bought an OVH server to host our shoutbox and I setup the firewalls. Credit to @ilian for actually setting up the shoutbox over in the OVH server.
So now we have a 20GB Database space for all the shoutbox needs.

And that is all for now...
Havent done an update in a while...
We have updated forum version from 1.8.5 to 1.8.6 (MyBB)
*All credits go to MyBB.

I have changed avatar dimensions for upload and for everywhere else to 100x100.
I have also increased upload size to 2mb / 2,000 kilobytes.
I have enhanced the email system on the forums.

Thanks for you support.
Minor Update...
*Fixed signatures height, they used to be unlimited and people could have massive images on them covering the whole screen.
Now it is fixed as there is a limit at 350px height.
*Minor fix in announcements when clicking on dev log it will bring you to the latest update.
*Now all badges / mvp names will be uploaded to raidforum's server and not imgur like before.
*Changed RF Logo due to the image overlapping the menu when on Fixed width.
*System will figure related threads to the one you are looking at and will list below some related threads (if there are any).
*Added a plugin to hide your content.
^ Will hide content to people and make them login/register and reply to your thread.
How to use:

Settings Title For Hide:
[hide title="Spooky Content"]

Hidden Content:
You must register or login to view this content.


Spooky Content:
You must register or login to view this content.
Updated and Added a bunch of help documents, check it out here:

Fixed image autoloading on shoutbox.

Added WEBM support to shoutbox, use: #
[webm]Insert URL.webm[/webm]

Added WEBM support to signatures and forum posts, use: #
[webm]Insert URL.webm[/webm]

Added MyAlerts Plugin and made it look sexy:

Replaced current Thanks plugin for a Thanks/Like plugin that works with MyAlerts.
Mentioning someone like this @someone will also trigger MyAlets.
Summary: Fixed a bunch of style bugs and replaced current images with CDN optimized versions ( Released free ddos protection firewall. Changed Upgrades.php and Payment System.

Bugs/Exploits Fixed:
*IpLogging was possible by just linking images on the forums but this was fixed a while ago but I decided to put it on this dev log.
*Fixed IpLogging on private messages.
*When changing avatar it would not change due to caching. So we moved all files that needed caching to our CDN subdomain and now* is on partial caching that fixes this bug.
*Updated Logo image source (was giving 404).

*Avatars can be bigger now in pixel size and in byte size. Updated to 3MB avatar and 200x200. Removed Gravatar.
*Soon will be removing all avatars linked to gravatar website and other insecure websites. (Non https.)
*Changed Payment System when purchasing upgrades, now you can pay with any cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin or litecoin.
*Moved all images on /z/ sub-directory to the raidforums CDN.

Additional Information:
*RaidForums CDN: Caches data for 1 year but can be updated anytime by clearing the specific file. By caching on edge servers it improves loading time of our resources.
* After building our main CDN we wanted to really test how much it could withstand so we uploaded a bunch of videos on our CDN and it works perfectly, Webm Galore.
*RaidForums Credits are going to be all cleared when we release the official uses of the credits, they will be marketplace / 1 to 1 transactions between users and to buy awards on the forums.

RaidForums Firewall:
We have had this firewall for a while and I think it has passed all our tests since it works perfectly on all my websites so I am releasing it to anyone needing ddos protection for their website, check out this thread if you are interested:
Summary: Updated MyBB to 1.8.7, Finally got around to doing the css on tabs and scroll bar.

Bugs/Exploits Fixed:
*Only Exploits and Bugs fixed were from the update of MyBB:

*Changed Tabs CSS and ScrollBar to change color depending on what theme color you have chosen.

Additional Information:
We known tabs are not showing up the forums correctly this is all Sem's Fault. @Sem
Changing Theme CSS Update:
Hidden Content:
You must register or login to view this content.
Did some shoutbox shit I guess.

* Users Awaiting Activation can no longer exploit to use shoutbox.
* Users that are Banned can no longer exploit to use shoutbox.
* Removed aids word filters in forum side.
* Stole @[GOD] Scare 's Virginity.
* Did some other shit nobody cares about.

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