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Depression. Hate. Hopelessness.
(06-09-2017, 04:35 PM)DrCocktor Wrote:  Okay, well I don't know why, but for some reason I always use raidforums to vent about problems that no one else really knows about so here we go.

Try actually texting back a response instead of a fudging PERIOD or a picture of a man sucking his own dick. Your life will improve dramatically.
everyone need to smoke and chillax
I know what you mean bro...
but talking with other people about how you feel is the first step for the solution.
If you really can't handle the school just make the minimun you can to finish it and then try to find something that you love to do and you'll do great in ur life
If you have criminal background already why not go make some money, spend it on coke and hookers and if you still feel sad just kys, I've contemplated suicide many times and many teens to it often. btw you dont need a collage degree to get a good jobb. just find smt you like if it's cars, computers or meth hey life is a journey to the end and if you want to have a booring journey just so be it but if you want to go have fun do what you want not go by what everyone else is doing. there is always a chance for you to build yourself up.(btw steal and ride sportbikes that's the easiest way to get paid and you'll litterly pull away from everything and anything)
You should invest efforts in understanding yourself. What triggers you to suicide, what really makes you want that ?
Example : You lack attention and that's just a way to desperately get some attention from others. Or may be you just feel like everything is unfair and it's your way to promote that, in a quick and easy way, for everyone to understand.
Ideas of how to dodge that whole thing is don't focus so much on yourself, think about others, think about the suffering of others, then think about what you can achieve. If you are suicidal, that's ok, you at least don`t care and you can risk more than others, with comfortable lifes, are willing to. Therefor you already have an edge. Now focus on what you want to achieve and what you'd do in order for you to feel non-suicidal and be happy of your life. Just invest that desire not to care in the direction of achieving your dreams, by all means, and you are going to most likely have pretty descent life in few years time. School is not really that important, so don`t give it more attention and weight, than it deserves. If you want to discuss anything, feel free to pm me.
I find that the society is hopeless. The poor will be poorer and the rich will be richer. The gap between the rich and the poor will be larger and larger. What to do...
Please think positively guys. There are still many wonderful things and places out there for your to explore. Don't do silly things. Cheer up.
Just a side note. You really don't need college. Nowdays with coursera, udacity etc. you can get the education from your home for free and there is really a shortage of skilled people in basically any field, so they dont care about degree, if they dont have to by law.

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