Denmark. 1M. Companies name, address, phone number, date of registration
by CorelDraw - May 18, 2020 at 11:19 AM
Denmark. 1M.

Companies name, address, phone number, date of registration, date of liquidation, type of activity.

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Hello! Do you have some samples, please?
(May 18, 2020 at 01:42 PM)cocomelonc Wrote: Hello! Do you have some samples, please?

Yeah, some sample would be cool
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Hi CorelDraw,

Many thanks for this very interesting and useful data set.

This data just a little bit tricky to parse. It uses "~" as the column deliminator
and listings are split onto two lines. But nothing that a simple search and replace
can't fix very quickly.

The thing that can't be fixed is again the mishandling of some UTF-8 letters resulting in them getting  replaced by "?" . This mistake typically happens in Excel. To avoid please use the "data import" option with suitable font coding settings rather than just simply opening your UTF-8 text file in Excel. 

I think the file header should be:

Useful References:
The Telephone  Area codes for Denmark are given here:

Danish SIC codes are here:
Danish Industrial Classification and Standard Industrial Groupings
Statistical Yearbook 2012

Danish Industrial Classification (DB) is a 6-digit classification of industries describing the economic activity. It was primarily prepared for statistical purposes. Danish Industrial Classification is directly based on the EU classification of industries NACE, and NACE is a sub-grouping of UN’s industrial classification ISIC. The first two digits in Danish Industrial classification correspond to ISIC, while the first four digits correspond to NACE. Subsequently, there is a direct relationship between DB and international classifications, where DB contains a further sub-grouping of the industries that are relevant to analyse in greater detail in relation to the Danish industrial structure.

On 1 January 2008 Danish Industrial Classification 2007 (DB07) and new standard groupings came into force. From 1 January 2008 all enterprises are registered with a DB07 industry code. DB07 comprises 726 industry codes, thus the number of 6-digit industries is reduced, compared to the 825 industry codes used in DB03. Further information about DB07 is available at

Below, four standard groupings are shown with 10, 19, 36 and 127 groups, respectively. These groups form the basis of using DB07 in statistics published by Statistics Denmark. The four standard groupings reflect an increasing aggregation of detail in the classifications. The code structure is linked to the codes in DB07 and indicates where you are in DBO7. The 10-digit grouping uses 1-digit serial numbers, whereas the 19-grouping comprises one letter. The 36-grouping comprises one to two letters and the 127-grouping uses five digits. The relationship between the standard groupings  and the 6-digit industry codes can be found on Statistics Denmark’s website at: The standard industrial groupings of DB03 are available at
Finally here's the data geo-coded.
A "City" data field is missing in the listings so the geocoding took awhile and lots of "ties" and
[Image: Copenhagen-Zoom.jpg]
[Image: Quick-map.jpg]
Hey @CorelDraw

The file is unavailable.. can you please reup it??
File is unavailable, kindly reupload
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