Dehashing Help
by CreamCandid - March 07, 2021 at 04:27 AM
Hi Friends,

I am new to password hacking and am not very good with password hash and dehashing. For example, I purchase Edmodo database to try learn but I already run into problem. The database uploader says Password Format: bcrypt with salt. But bcrypt is max 75 character and the hash provided in the example ($826y4$31226$dObG2FfheY3TbVeh4M0GcRcm2Z4j1V8m7N72fQ62aY2ecK910bbF/YiVKAAXx3k6QtTVTBunU9roa7a:00d3fccdebadbc730fb410572430d15b) is 125 character. I google and search but I can't find why. Does you have any good books or videos for me to learn more about password dehashing and what I am doing wrong, I am youtubing and looking but it's either too advanced and not explain, or too simple and using the same examples over and over again.

Thanks all Smile
i did already Send you PM
now is a perfect time to post this thread
Pretty sure edmodo was BCRYPTMD5
(March 07, 2021 at 05:08 AM)oooonch Wrote: Pretty sure edmodo was BCRYPTMD5

I am going by what was said in post here

Perhaps I am going to fast for my knowledge because I don't understand how hashcat know the cost when I am cracking bycrpt, am I supposed to know this and give it to it? Once I have bycrpt solve do I then need to run seperate for the hash itself which is MD5?

(March 07, 2021 at 04:59 AM)grango Wrote: now is a perfect time to post this thread

Thank you! I hate to be person using wrong language in a field. Reason I call it this is because in RF there is a section called 'dehased combolists' so I pick up terminology from there.

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