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by DawnOfTheSlavs - November 12, 2015 at 11:20 PM
Hello I'm the DawnOfTheSlavs

I like Slav meme (Even tho I'm not Russian) and other shitty edgy meme.
I'm new to this so ye.
Welcome @DawnOfTheSlavs To Raid Forums...
Make sure to read the rules and have fun.

Welcome to Raidforums @DawnOfTheSlavs
Welcome. Now cry knowing your memes shall never be edgier than mine.

[Image: tumblr_n2r94gf4eP1szkifto6_1280.gif]
Welcome to Raidforums Slav

Hope to see you around Smile
Welcome new fag from another new fag
Welcome to RF, we hope to see you be active here aswell as everyone else.
Join ISIS, become the new Jihadi Jones.

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