Dave Database - Leaked, Download!
by ShinyHunters - July 24, 2020 at 11:35 PM
(July 24, 2020 at 11:55 PM)Sheep Wrote: Very nice share! Some extra information regarding this data breach:
This database was dumped through sending Github phishing mails to Dave.com employees. The employees were found by searching for developers in the organisation on LinkedIn/Crunchbase/Angel. All of the databases sold by ShinyHunters were obtained through this method. In some cases, same method was used but for GitLab, Slack and Bitbucket. More about this can be read here, Sawfish phishing campaign: https://github.blog/2020-04-14-sawfish-p...hub-users/

Very well done by ShinyHunters/Prosox (Nassim Benhaddou https://ibb.co/C0J60k9 ) and Nclay/GnosticPlayers/whysodankk (Gabriel Kimiaie Asadi Bildstein https://ibb.co/VLzm9HH). Very proud! Looking forward for more release!

Old "hacks" by ShinyHunters/Prosox:

But in reality he is just taking credit by hacks executed by whysodankk/Gabriel. Gabriel, aside from having Asperger, also show interest in dressing up as a girl using his moms makeup https://ibb.co/hd2vJ0J

Some things will never change: https://ibb.co/bJhTGvr

i still wonder what this sucker want to gain with all this post.
You are trolling!.
I wonder what you want.
Maybe @ShinyHunters has decided to put you on ignore mode.
Maybe you just need to get a life.
Cuz i really do not get it.
good share got on underbreaches twitter mate
7.516.691 lines.
total no of email 3.092.396
nice share as always!
Thanks for the share... but anonfiles sucksssssssss brooo...
Thanx so much bro yeah yeah yeah
how to encrypt SSN srting?
Appreciate your work man
mate you're a hero, taking a look
Good share. thank you, gonna add this to the collection
Muinu Building up that rep 10/10. V nice. Heart
Nice, thanks for sharing this Smile
Hey guys, Please who knows how to extract the emails on this list? I use a Windows PC and do not have any extraction tools.

Thanks in advance.

(July 25, 2020 at 03:21 PM)micko05 Wrote: 7.516.691 lines.
total no of email  3.092.396
nice share as always!
Please, how did you extract the emails? I am not exactly tech savvy, but can follow simple instructions. How do I extract the list in a CSV or something? Thanks.

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