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Database search
Hi guys.  I really need your help.
Looking for leaks that contain such data:
[email protected],Dennis,Collins,
[email protected],Roberta,Dennis,
[email protected],Aaron,Wright,
[email protected],Tammy,Ames,
[email protected],Art,Heston,

about 42 million record, USA (not exactly)

[email protected],william,pethtel,,64733 Slade Rd,philadelphia,pa,4/17/2018,7/17/1980,7402601252,Wireless,VERIZON WIRELESS,43723,
[email protected],jennifer,boisen,,4816 S Oakes St,Tacoma,WA,4/17/2018,3/5/1969,2533141482,Wireless,SPRINT PCS,98493,
[email protected],marjorie,mercer,,,blissfield,,4/17/2018,7/24/1991,4193672149,Wireless,VERIZON WIRELESS,43681,
[email protected],shannon,whobrey,,8345 castle farms,indianapolis,IN,4/17/2018,11/3/1966,3173744613,Wireless,AT&T MOBILITY,46268,
about 420 million record (not exactly)

Who can tell how they are called and where they can be found?
where'd you get these entries from? the second one seems to align with river city media spam list.
let me call up the personal army
Can you please explain the query again
you can manually check a few on weleakinfo or something and determine using that
#1 looks like a combination of adobe and daily motion
The bottom one appears to be kyledata.
(04-18-2018, 07:45 PM)Clorox Wrote:  where'd you get these entries from? the second one seems to align with river city media spam list.

Did that ever get leaked?
You can use haveIbeenPw'd and than look for the db on the internet
Ask the person who gave you that data
(04-18-2018, 11:51 PM)monatona Wrote:  Can you  please explain the query again

I'm looking for the names of these leaks and the place where they can be downloaded / purchased

(04-19-2018, 02:33 PM)kekosevel Wrote:  Ask the person who gave you that data

if it was so easy, I would not ask for advice on the forum)
well definitely not one with hashes, maybe modb?

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