Database Trading/Buying/Selling
by Omnichorus - September 07, 2017 at 03:17 PM
Hi everyone,

If you're looking to trade, buy or sell your databases, then this thread is for you!
In order to avoid large numbers of threads of people advertising their databases, we have decided to make a thread specifically for this reason.
Please keep in mind that this thread is only for trading, buying and selling, if you would like to request a database for free, then please visit this thread:

Please read the following before making a post on this thread:

If the number of databases that you want to trade/buy/sell exceeds 5, then please use an online pastebin, such as Ghostbin, Ybin, 0bin or Hastebin, to upload your list of databases. Another option is to use to [ spoiler][/spoiler] tags and write your databases in between.

✦ Don't spam the thread by creating new posts every time you edit your database-list. Instead, go back to your original post, edit it and replace your old link of databases with your new one. If you're unable to edit your post, please contact a staff-member and we will edit it in for you.

 Be careful when dealing with people, there are a lot of scammers and other type of shady people out there. Always use an escrow/middleman if necessary.

Once you have read the above steps, please post your thread by using the following template:

Introduction: TEXT HERE - Should describe if you want to trade, sell or/and buy databases, if you have any price you're looking for and so on. Keep it short!
My database trading-list: TEXT HERE - Mandatory to have at least 1 of the lists in your post
My database selling-list: TEXT HERE - Mandatory to have at least 1 of the lists in your post
My database buying/wanted-list: TEXT HERE - Mandatory to have at least 1 of the lists in your post
Contact details: TEXT HERE
Extra information: TEXT HERE - This is not mandatory

Failure to comply with any of the rules listed above may result in your post being deleted.

Happy trading!

RaidForums Team
Here is an example, and at the same time my own post, on how it should look like:

Introduction: I am a security researcher looking to trade and buy only for specific databases to research. The list of the databases can  be found below in the "My database buying/wanted-list(Prioirty)" & "Additional database buying/wanted-list".

My database buying/wanted-list(Priority):
Additional database buying/wanted-list: /

 - AliExpress - 2014 - [300M]
 - AOL - 2004 - [92M]
 - AOL - 2006 - [20M]
 - AOL - 2014 - [2,4M]
 - Ashley Madison Orders
 - Blizzard Entertainment - 2012 - [14M]
 - Curse Network forums
 - E-harmony - 2012
 - - 12-2016 - [1,503,707] 
 - Ebay - 2014 - [145M]
 - Evernote - 2013 - [50M]
 - Friend Finder Networks(AdultFriendFinder,,Penthouse,Stripshow, - 10-2016 - [412,214,295]
 - Fur Affinity - 05-2016 - [1,270,564]
 - Heroes of Newerth Part 2 (Full Password Hashes) - 2012 - [3M]
 - Network 28 Databases
 - Network (ComputerShopper,Geek,PCMag,IGN) - 2017 - [7.5M]
 - League of Legends(Riot Games) - 2011 - [25M]
 - LivingSocial - 2013 - [50M]
 - - 2016 - [80k]
 - - 2016 - [615k]
 - NeoSeeker
 - OnRPG - 2016-04-05 - [1M]
 - - 03-2017
 - PhotoBucket
 - PrimeTwitch
 - QuinStreet Network - 2015 - [4,907,802] -  List of 28 sites in the network:
 - RockYou! - 2009 - [32M]
 - - 2016 - [1M]
 -émon Showdown!) - 2016-09-18 - [5,363,781]
 - SnailGames - [1.4M]
 - - 09-2016 - [1M]
 - - -08-2016 - [273,086]
 - Sony Online Entertainment - 2011 - [24,6M]
 - Sony PlayStation Network - 2011 - [77M]
 - Steam(Valve) 11-2011 - [35M]
 - T-Mobile Deutche Telecom - 2006 - [17M]
 - TJ Maxx - 2007 - [94M]
 - Target - 2014 - [70M]
 - Telia - 12-08-2014 - [5M]
 - Three - [9M]
 - network - 05-07-2016 - [2,1M]
 - Tunngle - 08-08-2015 - [7,225,304]
 - VerticalScope Network 02-2016 - [45M]
 - Walmart - 2015
 - Wattpad 05-2015 - [40M]
 - Weebly -  02-2016 - [43,430,316]
 - Xsplit Orders
 - Yahoo [500M] [1000M]
 - Yu-Gi-Oh Dueling Network - 2016 - [6,487,647]
 - Zappos - 2012 - [24M]
 - Zynga - 2016 - [4,932,930]

*I have verified samples of each database mentioned, so don't try to scam with forged/fake data, only waste of time for both of us*

Contact details: Either PM or contact me on XMPP: [email protected]

Extra information:
My Terms & Conditions:
• When trading, you agree that you will use the data for your own security only, abusing data of others without their written consent is strictly forbidden.
• When I trade, I dont always trade 1 databases for 1 other. I will be considering the size, privacy and the type of the database. So 1 database can be traded against 10 others for example, depending on their characteristics.
• I don't care who you are or where you are from. I do not go first unless it's an admin or a trustworthy moderator. I am always open to use a verified/trustworthy middleman.
• It's your responsibility that the database that you are trading me are real, complete and so on. If I find out that the database happens to be fake, or if it's just a partial dump without mentioning it to me before the trade, I have the rights to cancel the deal.
Introduction - Trading/Selling DBs my best are my MC DBs
MC List -
Main List -
Xmpp - [email protected]
Introduction: Trading / Selling DB's
Minecraft DB's :
Runescape DB's:
Misc. DB's :
Buying or wanting to Trade for ANY OF My DBs? Get with me on XMPP @ [email protected]
Introduction: I'm just some random dude.
My database trading-list: Zomato, DailyMotion,,
My database selling-list: Zomato, DailyMotion,,
My database buying/wanted-list:, pretty much anything
Contact details: PM me here for XMPP.
This forum account is currently banned. Ban Length: Permanent (N/A).
Ban Reason: Scamming a member |
Introduction : Selling - Trading DBs Smile
Contact details : XMPP [email protected] or PM.
My List : and others.

Looking Gaming/BTC/Shops and others db.
Introduction: Selling/Trading Databases
My database selling/trading-list: (DailyMotion! Zomato! Weebly!)
XMPP  : [email protected]
Introduction: I buy databases. I have enough budget to buy any database, if it will be interesting to me. 
My Wanted List:
Contacts: You can write me PM here or on XMPP [email protected]

I`m always looking for new databases.
Introduction: I am mainly looking to trade for other databases. Only sell if the price is good.
My database trading-list: This is not all of my databases I have many more not listed.
Contact details: [email protected]
Extra information: I am only interested in trading for other similar exclusive databases. I only sell if price is good, don't bother adding me if you offer jew prices. This is not for poor people, don't waste my time.
Introduction: Looking to buy USA Shopping/Fashion combos. I have the money in BTC, I require a 50k-100k sample before buying. Have done successful trades here before, simply chuckle me a pm.
Contact Details: PM
Extra information: Dont try to bamboozle me.
Introduction: I buy chinese databases
My Wanted List:
Contacts: XMPP: [email protected] Telegram: @greatbuyer

I`m always looking for chese base and those list also new chinese databases.
I'm looking to buy zomato database. Ready to pay good in btc or PayPal.
Have experienced both good and scam deals here. So I will require a very small sample as a proof before buying.

Contact: PM me.

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