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DasCoin - anyone , anything ?
Hi there,
has anyone of you heard about DasCoin ? it becomes quite strangely popular recently.
to me it looks very much like pump & dump...
I've read it was a Ponzi scheme that uses MLM recruiting to increase the amount of people that are brought into this scam ...
It will probably just be another coin that no one will really use
its probably another thing that looks familair like the bitcoins xD
Have never heard of it, is it minable?
Probs a pyramid scam. Btw has anyone heard of "Onecoin"?
Not sure if it is minable, but for sure they plan to have control over it, probably thinking of the same success as bitcoin had.
I have not heard of it. Sounds like another unstable coin.
i like monero :v
easy for mine
(12-02-2017, 07:48 AM)hdmidragon Wrote:  i like monero :v
easy for mine

But is it profitable somehow ? meaning is it better to mine it than btc ?
Never heard of it what is it?

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