DDoS Request
NYPA (Not your personal army) I ain't doing shit for you
(08-11-2015, 01:12 AM)WhiteHat Wrote:  
(08-11-2015, 12:20 AM)MechNation Wrote:  
(08-10-2015, 10:42 PM)AdolphNigler Wrote:  
(06-03-2015, 12:36 PM)September_11_2001 Wrote:  Why not just DoS them yourself

It is not worth bothering if only one person is involved.
ive always wanted a booter but some are FBI back doors so i cant trust them like RageBooter i have seen a booter that was advertised on this site called Cridet stresser i would like to get the booter but idk if its trustworthy and paying it is a bit too complicated do you have any suggestions on what booter i should get thats trust worthy i only would boot people who really deserve it so i would rarely use it maybe troll a friend with it XD

honestly if youre going to get a stresser to troll friends with, dont get it. not worth ur time or money
nah i just wanna troll one friend mainly i want to boot people off who act tough on the internet like on steam games people who are annoying and start cussing at you for no reason over a game and start threatening to kill you even tho they cant do shit i just wanna use it to scare people and troll with it i dont want to attack companies or anything
Yeah buddy, looks a little like you know nothing when it comes to grabbing information and using it. So have fun with grabbing ips over steam thru websites etc etc
mate, we aint going to dos for you.
Go Nuts Biggrin
I really do enjoy seeing these users acting like crowned citizens and telling people how bad and illegal things are lmfao
Please try to ddos our school website. i hate school. Fuck up this ip and all these fags
Not a personal army. Just fuck off pls.
#21 have fun

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