DBeaver Ultimate Edition 21.0.4 - Early Access (Cracked)
by uCare - May 04, 2021 at 06:18 PM
DBeaver 21.0.4

Universal Database Client : https://dbeaver.com/

Release Note:

  • Database statistics in simple mode was fixed
  • Legacy search icons were updated
  • Legacy edit toolbar and main toolbar items was removed
  • Columns reorder now supports multiple columns
  • Object lookup function now supports search in comments
  • DBeaver main menus are visible in DBeaver perspective only
SQL editor:
  • Collapsed results panel expand was fixed
Data editor:
  • Find/replace dialog was improved
  • Virtual unique key create dialog was redesigned
  • References panel was fixed for custom SQL queries
  • SSH Agent support was fixed
  • SSHJ extension install was fixed
  • Column editor was fixed (DEFAULT_GENERATED clause removed)
  • Index editor was added
  • Schema data types read was fixed
  • Sequence editor was implemented
  • Data type rename support was added
SQL Server:
  • Calculated columns support was added
  • Extended properties were added to table DDL
  • Default precision and scale for numeric data types was fixed
  • View triggers support was added
  • Functions folder was added (in addition to Procedures)
  • Jobs support was added (read-only)
  • Data type compile action was fixed
  • Synonyms read was fixed for partitioned tables
  • Table triggers loading performance was improved
  • Trigger disable/enable tool was added
  • Procedure/function dependencies were added
  • Comments for views and view columns were added
  • Data type DDL was fixed for predefined types
Redshift: problem with read-only resultset was fixed

  • Table columns was fixed for table names with special symbols
  • Hex literal formatting was fixed
Sybase IQ: SQL dialect support was improved

Snowflake: drop procedure function was fixed

DB2: stored procedures call generator was improved

  • Table column create/edit was fixed
  • View constraints read was implemented
  • Unique key creation was fixed

DuckDB driver configuration was added

RMI server waas fixed (no more public port listeners)

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Note: There is a HowTo.txt File, if you have any issue withe previous or provided licence please ... read
Thanks for this Ucare!!!.
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Details: https://raidforums.com/Thread-group-zerodaylab-on-telegram-are-scammers?highlight=zer0daylab
@uCare: Do you also have Fortify Static Code Analysis Tool ? if yes, can you share that one also please. I am looking for that from weeks.
thanks for sharing again
One again, Thanks for this Ucare!
Thanks for this Ucare!!!.

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