DB hunt:- SQLinjection telegram bot
SqlVAMP Bot-

More advanced & automated sqli scanner & dork parser to get best result from telegram bot. Find sqli from dork , get result from scan & start dump from bot.

Make your own database and don't rely on other DB to come, SImple & easy methods are made for folks

Unique way for integrating SQL-MAP & telegram, to get better result anytime, anyplace & any device.

SQL scanner with customized dork updated daily controlled by Telegram bot

Support TOR functionality

Download & upload your own dorks for scanning

Scan single URL & file of URL without any arguments

Support team help for any issue

Get your own telegram Bot control with API access & token

faster & reliable

No data & privacy leak & forward & used

Comes in SAAS & on-premisis product.

Comes with use of customised google dorks.

No Public IP requirement or No server required, Can Use Own homie laptop to operate work away from home.No require of Public Ip to server, Use Internal server only internet requires.

Check CPU & memory usage during scan.

Get a well defined report & notifications.

Support Team : A team you can trust.

SAAS product also available for extreme condition with good sizing guide.

We have mail/jabber for authorization Sqlvamp, NO Database so no worry on security & privacy.

###POC SCreen CApture ####

If interested POC will be delivered with bots & guide for using best ways of dorking for easy vulnerabilities


Email :- [email protected]
[email protected]

Jabber :-
[email protected]

[email protected]

Require No Donation, Just pay what you buy
(BTC Address) :- after deal
this 2 week only connect with [email protected], while after available on all communication channels.

****** We are building space where user will always near to machine, Doing stuff he need to do always ******
follow pastebin & jabber for more service

Real pastebin threads & have some good customer to support
Good luck with the sale!
this look nice! but i think you mean to post in the marketplace?
I take it this cost more then 8 credits. lol
(11-28-2018, 05:41 PM)OpSecMonkey Wrote:  I take it this cost more then 8 credits. lol

Amigos,  All good ... From last 2 years i have contract & via pastebin i have sell most my skills & products.
Yeah for start I can put price below 20-30$ for Bot and work.

I am also working on some projects, which need some good talent & resource, It will better ... If we work like community do to save other legit members ass.

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