DB Collection 1-5 & Zabugor & AntiPublic (Cleaned and compressed) [torrent]
by ValdikSS - January 22, 2019 at 12:59 AM
Collection #1-5 & Zabugor & AntiPublic, cleaned and compressed.

Originally uploaded by Clorox

All *.txt and *.sql files have been compressed with Zstandard (zstd) compressor and have *.zst extensions.

Why Zstandard? It's 3-7x faster on decompression than gzip, you can easily grep these files with zstdgrep without prior decompression into plain text.

The original upload contains lots of zero-sized files, duplicates and empty folders.
Empty folders may be due to to the fact that some of mega.nz files were off-sync (marked with yellow or red dots near the folders).
This has been cleaned with 'rmlint'. See 'rmlint.json' file for all duplicates and stuff.

Total cleaned:
  •  45 empty folders
  •  21549 duplicates (!)
Since the dump is probably originated in Russia, here's a short glossary:
  •  Zabugor, bugor, забугор, бугор - foreign country (from Russia perspective, i.e. every other country in the world)
  •  Телефон, телефоны - phone number
  •  Почта, почты - mail
  •  Пасс - pass
  •  Раздел - [forum] section
  •  Слив, слитый - leaked/downloaded
  •  Домен, домены - domains
  •  Валид, валиды - valid
  •  Гуд, хор, хороший - good
  •  Приват - private
  •  Покупной, купленный - bought/premium
  •  Расшифровка, расшифрованные - decrypted/cracked
  •  Шоп, шопы, шопов - shops
  •  База - db
  •  Уса - USA
  •  Полуигровой - half gaming
  •  Регчекер, рег чекер - reg checker
  •  Сервис, сервисов - service/services
  •  Форум, форумов - forum/forums
  •  Разбитая база - split db
  •  МД5 + соль - md5 + salt
  •  Обменник - exchanger
  •  MYR - mail.ru + yandex.ru + rambler.ru mails
  •  MYRQ - MYR + qip.ru mails
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What is the size of the compressed collection?
You did really great job nicely sorting and archiving files. It's very neat and compact. Causes admiration. Everyone would like that. My sincere respect!
(January 22, 2019 at 01:02 AM)MixMeis Wrote: What is the size of the compressed collection?
296.7 GiB.
Cool. Thank you very much. I have never used zstd, it is time to check out.
(January 22, 2019 at 01:05 AM)ValdikSS Wrote:
(January 22, 2019 at 01:02 AM)MixMeis Wrote: What is the size of the compressed collection?
296.7 GiB.

So by removing those 20k duplicates and using this compression, the file size goes from ~1TB down to 300GB? Sounds almost too good to be true.

Edit: After reading about zstd, it seems to make sense! Well done!
Why is the .torrent file 7.2 MB? Pretty unusual...
very good work. excellent compression
The torrent files are coming up as invalid for me,,, never had this problem with any other torrent (using utorrent) Anybody else getting that error too?
Wow, thanks for this. Will download this version instead of the uncompressed version. Thanks a lot.
Cool. Thank you very much.
Great job thanks a lot

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