Cybercriminals Steal Nearly 1TB of Data from Miami-Based International Tech Firm
by davz - October 17, 2020 at 05:22 AM
Databases of sensitive, financial and personally identifiable info and documents from Intcomex were leaked on Russian-language hacker forum after a ransomware attack.

Hackers have stolen nearly a terabyte of data from a Miami-based tech firm, leaking a number of the pilfered files (including full credit-card information, scans of sensitive documents such as passports, bank statements and financial documents, and even customer databases) on a Russian hacker forum.

An investigation uncovered leaked data belonging to Intcomex, a very large value-added reseller (VAR) which provides technology products and services targeting Latin America and the Caribbean. The leaks occurred on Sept. 14 and Sept. 20, when hackers dumped it in two parts on the forum.

"So far, the first release was a collection called 'Internal Audit' with a size of 16.6GB, while the second release is titled 'Finance_ER', totaling 18GB," according to a report on the CyberNews website. "Based on folder names, the most recent data comes from July 2020."
This news took a very long time to reach the news agency.
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