Crypto Leak (Cryptoween)
by swedishfish - October 31, 2021 at 04:58 AM
Greetings Raidforums community 

Here is my Halloween treat to you all

Here is a Hybrid mix of 54,548 emails from not 1 but 2 platforms. -Linked In - Facebook

These emails are from Crypto exchanges, Wallets, Blochain Software Dapps companies, and International public and private banks

please ask yourself this one question, "what is crypto solving"

We are at a point and time where slowly but surely crypto is becoming more and more centralized due to regulation

On  top of that, the companies that are in control are as crooked as it gets and does not care about the privacy of your data

We have seen numerous breaches over the past decade where crazy amounts of PII are being leaked from these companies users and nothing is done about it

They refer to it as KYC where you cant even buy crypto without inputting basically all of your info including biometrics

Even the Bitcoin ATMs are like that along with so-called "autonomous" P2P platforms

They run bait and switch tactics to lure in new users with so-called "decentralized encryption" process they claim to be about

I believe these companies even go as far as putting bugs in their apps so people end up losing money during transactions

Their website or app security is no good and I've seen instances where peoples wallets are cleaned out

If you lose money on a credit or debit card, that money can be replaced, unfortunately for crypto, it's a different game.


So once again considering the insanely high trading fees (that are not private) 

The large amounts of data that they are collecting on you that  always ends up getting leaked sooner or later due to negligence 

Poor App and Web security 

Ask yourself, "what is crypto solving again?"

Enjoy  Tongue

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useless, i have download, No phones ,No name
just Linkedin collections
this is just everybody with "crypto" filtered from linkedin and facebook db?
Hmmm... Dahlgren Heritage Museum is into crypto now? And the City of Windhoek, Nambia?

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