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Crypter - Python-based builder and ransomware
[Image: crypter_package.png]

Crypter is intended for educational and research purposes only. This software should not be used within any system or network for which you do not have permission, nor should it be used for any illegal or illicit purposes. The author takes no responsibility for any damages that may be caused by the software in this repository.

Once compiled, Crypter WILL encrypt the files on the computer on which it is executed. Whilst Crypter provides you with access to the decryption key (enabling you to decrypt any encrypted files), bugs and other issues could, in theory, interrupt or prevent a successful decryption.

How does Crypter work?

Crypter's approach is fairly conventional, but the lack of a CnC component does result in different behaviour (see the Crypter video demonstration). Rather than sending the key to a remote server, Crypter instead writes it to a local file so that the files can be easily decrypted. Once executed, the following steps are taken:

  1. Generates an AES-256 bit key and writes it to key.txt in the current directory
    • You can use this key in the Crypter GUI to decrypt your files

  2. [size=undefined]Searches relevant locations (network drives, user directories, etc.) for matching files[/size]
    • Locations searched depend on the configuration you specify in the Builder.

  3. [size=undefined]Encrypts all matching files[/size]
  4. [size=undefined]Displays the Crypter GUI to the victim[/size]

How can I build Crypter?

Providing you've met the above prerequisites, building Crypter is now easy thanks to the newly added builder application.
  • Run the Builder.pyw script in the build directory of this repository to launch the builder.

  • Change any desired options, or leave the fields as they are to build Crypter with the default configuration.

  • Click the BUILD button at the bottom of the app to start the build.

  • Check the bin directory (created during the build) in the root of the repository for the produced binary.

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