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[Cringe Fest] The most Tsundere
  This contest is to see who's champion of Tsundere is the strongest and is able to rise above all others!
    You'll post. I grade. You might  win.

How to Post: 
1-Post a pic
2- write info on your champion, including the insane shit they did and a quick review on their story ark.
    *try to keep both in two different brackets, but one is fine if you can't
3- Wait and dis others until I post results.

Alright the rules are simple. If you have a hard time getting them then this topic isn't for you. 

 1- Any character is allowed, even Ebola-chan and Cory

 2- Even though any character is allowed, they must show Tsundere characterists, even if you have to shoehorn them in or blatantly lie or blow things out of proportion.

 3-  Do not repost characters. Instead add an amendment to the profile.

     Example of how to amend: 

   ^Amend: Desu Hilter-chan

     [Whatever you say here]

* Though I do reserve the right to not acknowledge of throw out an amendment if it's not relevant*

4- There are 3 scales

 -Cute : Based purely on looks of the character that you posted

 -Crazy : What the person did that showed their insanity

 -Character : overall character story

5- I will rate each champion and my decision is final,UNLESS an amendment shows me wrong. I also in most cases on review what you've posted, except in certain cases.

 The winner will receive a photo of their character on the top of this post, with their achievements underneath. You also get bragging rights that you've won this stupid contest. 
 *Results will be posted in 5 days or August 30th 2015*

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