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Im super glad that i've never been robbed with gunpoint.
(11-16-2017, 05:43 PM)CocoE Wrote:  When I was like 13 or 14 I went to school by train and left my bike at the train station. When I came back my bike saddle was stolen. Not my bike itself, just the saddle. I literally left it there and just walked home because it looked weird. But like why would anyone want to steal something like that? What would you even get for it? I ask myself these questions every day. My dad got mad at me for this too.

I can solve your mystery!
Someone stole it for sniffing purposes.

Sniff sniff...
oh man, the gbadvance is the saddest part
i've been breached..........
wow thats really sad..... my ballpen got robbed
I have only been scammed (virtually and irl) but i have never been robbed.
I've had two bikes and a nice camera stolen, but was only pissed about the camera. The bikes were cheap and pretty much disposable, but the camera was a late-60s German SLR that I still haven't replaced.
I was once jumped by a gang of niggers who jumped out of their car, holding rocks (lol, must be new to america)
and said I either give them my wallet or they throw rocks. I handed my wallet, and walked off calling police.
Of course I got my wallet back because they were spotted trying to buy things with the wallet, and their car was spotted too.
Yep, that suck and happens to just about everyone.
when i was really young so teens broke in and stole our van. Only to crash it right down the street and flee.
i had my heart stolen once, it was pretty rough
Never been robbed. Sweden is friendly neigbhour hood country

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