Cridet Stresser Review & Giveaway {Closed}
by BRK - September 28, 2015 at 06:36 AM
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Alright, let me start this thread off by saying this is an honest review. No reviews I make on any products are not honest. If I see a flaw I'll mention it, if I see no flaws I won't mention any.

Here we are yet again with my second review on this website.
Today I'm going to make a review about Cridet Stresser, a very powerful web-based stresser with many different methods.

I went on the website and found a fairly cleanly designed website, once I went to cridetstresser I was even more impressed.
The websites design is great, it's not too Rftechponygy and not too much
I talked with the live support team and was connected to an employee very quickly, he helped me with all my problems and answered all the questions he could.
If you're looking to buy this websites product (a network stresser) via paypal, remember that you need to contact an administrator or staff so they can verify you purchased the product.
There's a $2 fee if you pay with PayPal because of the problems the seller Cridet may run into.
When I bought the most basic package, which was $8 (+$2 because I payed with paypal) I was very happy.
I noticed first hand that the stresser panel was very simple, all you need to do is enter in an IP, pick a port (80 for websites/homes) pick how long the attack lasts for depending on your package and pick a method.

Here is a photo of the web panel.
[Image: 831ae7ce500f2de086b45c0baa0c3ea7.png]

Prices for each package and their features below:
Green [$8] 120 seconds, 1 month and 1 concurrent
Yellow [$15] 400 seconds, 1 month and 1 concurrent
Orange [$25] 800 seconds, 1 month and 1 concurrent
Red [$100] 1,000 seconds, 10 years and 1 concurrent

Green Advanced [$20] 120 seconds, 3 months and 1 concurrent
Yellow Advanced [$40] 400 seconds, 3 months and 1 concurrent
Orange Advanced [$65] 800 seconds, 3 months and 1 concurrent
Red Advanced  [$150] 1,500 seconds, 10 years and 1 concurrent

Cheap, yet they have great quality and great service
Many different attack methods varying from lagging your target to completely taking them offline
Friendly staff/support
Hard hitting, great for taking down a target or server testing
They accept Bitcoin AND Paypal
You can view logs, if someone attempts to login to your account you can check to see what their IP is.
Skype resolver, HTTP resolver, IP Logger and geolocation
You can mark certain IP's as friends/enemies

You only get one concurrent, it's for a great reason but it's still only one concurrent.
The max boot time anyone can do is 1,500 seconds (under 30 minutes) again, this is for a good reason.

Here is a Q&A I had with the Owner of the site (Cridet):

Q: What year was Cridet founded and what was the main goal?

A: It was founded last year, but it come to the net around 8 months ago and the development started last year.

Main goal was really to make services that are good quality

and cheap, most other services are only for profit. We're spending all the money from Cridet Networks on itself.

Q: Do you have any "large" plans for Cridet in the future, and if so could you give me a bit of insight on them?

A: CridetCDN turned out to be really good quality and actually stopped big attacks, we're investing lots of time into it, it's splitting into a seperate company since most people won't take you seriously if you have a stresser related to your services, but yeah we will be doing webhosting with our protection in a month or so.

CDN will have it's very own panel in the future and game server protection.

Q: Can you give me some information about CridetVPN?

A: It uses SoftEther VPN, which allows the clients to use whatever

protocol they prefer from l2tp and such to openvpn, it has 5 different supported

protocols. Our usage standard is openvpn because of the nice encryption 

algorithm it's using and it stops any wiretapping/eavesdropping

We have four locations, all of which are DDoS protected.

Q: What makes Cridet Stresser different from other web-based stressers on the market such as exostress?

A: Well first, we tend to spend all of the earnings on improving really, unlike other services, they do spend a lot on their services like exostress did have a large budget investment when starting up, we've basically built off of nothing and went from there, the reason we're unique is basically since we offer more attack methods, we give you what we advertise, we don't go around saying we do 40Gbps per attack like other when they do around 1Gbps, we tell you what you're paying for.


Also Cridet Networks ran on a 2$ VPS on it's first day, the 2nd day after a small investment moved to a bigger server, then development started, a month later we were ready for business and then starting upgrading every month from the earnings.

When starting up we only provided layer-4 botnet attack methods, a couple months later we started providing exotic attack methods such as layer-7 spoofed methods and amplified methods of testing.
This concludes my review of CridetStresser
I went into as much detail as I could, I wanted to release this review as fast as possible.
At the end of the day, I rate CridetStresser
They are an overall great company that cares about their customers, unlike many other web-based stressers most of the money that you give them goes directly into the stresser, not into their pockets.

This is an honest review, this is my opinion.
You may not agree with what I say and that's totally fine, everyone has their own opinion.
I am in no way affiliated with CridetStresser or any part of Cridet as of 9/28/2015 1:33am EST.

Now, to the giveaway..
The giveaway is simple, I'll be giving away time on this wonderful stresser.

1st place will get the advanced yellow package, see above for details.
2nd place will receive the basic yellow package
3rd place will receive the basic green package

Anyone can enter as long as you do not have Red &/or Advanced-Red on the website.
If you wish to enter simply reply to this thread giving this review a rating, please be honest.

If you feel as if I wrote a good review please give me +rep or a thanks on this post.

Have a great day/night RaidForums, 12392 out.

They fixed the slider Heart
I forgot to mention, if you have any questions about this product which I did not include in the review please reply to the thread and I'll try the best I can to answer.
9/10 on the thread
It went well into detail about what you were actually receiving when it comes to the stresser and with good reasoning for the pros and cons.
10/10 i would like to see you do a recomendation thread of your best stressers and vpns
I give the review a 9/10.

Showed no bias remarks, and gave me in depth background knowledge with reasonable pros and cons. However, nothing is perfect, which is why 9/10
I rate this review 5/5. This is really helpful, I have two questions...were there any more bugs? Other than the ones that were mentioned? What was the biggest thing you attacked, how fast did it get back up--I know a lot of web servers can hold its own when it is getting ddos'd
(September 28, 2015 at 06:48 AM)kraken Wrote: I rate this review 5/5. This is really helpful, I have two questions...were there any more bugs? Other than the ones that were mentioned? What was the biggest thing you attacked, how fast did it get back up--I know a lot of web servers can hold its own when it is getting ddos'd

All the bugs I was able to find I put in the thread.
I really was not able to attack giant targets, the biggest thing I attacked was my VPN's DDoS protected location which went down.
I set the time to 120 seconds and attacked it using UDP-RAN and after the 120 seconds were up it took a solid minute to come back online.
Very good review, just like the other one you made.

Excellent review, unbiased, and good formatting

i may consider getting this stresser :D

Legit review and I really liked it. Might make me buy Cridet Stresser again..
I'll give it a 1/10 since it didn't allow me to DDOS . Shitty services...
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