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Creating profile pictures for you guys if you like :)
Hey guys. I'm creating a few profile pictures for the ones that requests me to create a profile picture. Here are the ones that I created. as of now.

[Image: avatar_121312923.png?dateline=1443833778]

[Image: avatar_121320611.jpg?dateline=1444175718]

Right now those are the stiles I make. trying to learn how to make gif animations but yeah. like the style I make? request for one via PM right now and I'll make one for you. just ask what you want so I would know what to make for you. ok? Spamming at me wont make me create one for you. so don't spam on my PMs or I won't make it for you.
They are very good. This could be good for new people to get good profile pics.
Looks pretty good I might PM you for a profile pic.
make me one pls. I can offer you 11 rep for this Smile
(10-08-2015, 11:55 AM)Pytonia Wrote:  make me one pls. I can offer you 11 rep for this Smile

You can't give me 11 rep lol. members can only give 1 rep. member+ can give 2 reps, and the list goes on Kappa

But yah I'll make you your profile picture. Please tell me what you want on it? background color, anything.

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